Grace is a multidisciplinary artist and writer.  Her work is deeply rooted in nature, and draws from mythology, folklore, dreams, mystical experiences, and the realm of faerie.

Her childhood was spent in imaginative trance-like states, devouring books and creating stories. In pursuit of writing and illustrating her own books, she studied illustration and fiction writing at Columbia College Chicago for 2 years before leaving school to seek alternative education. In the following 8 years, she practiced her craft, traveled extensively, and relentlessly studied the arts, metaphysics, and spiritual practices. 

Her ongoing experience with the lineages of the Faerie tradition and indigenous North American teachings has built a rich foundation that feeds and influences all of her work. She has had the privilege of learning native medicine from Lakota and Creek elders, studying the faerie path with Scottish & southern Appalachian teachers of the Old Religion, and creating artwork with faerie artists and teachers Brian & Wendy Froud

A Midwest native, she currently resides in Portland, Oregon and is writing and illustrating her first novel.