Faerie  Oracle  Readings

In an oracle reading, we collaborate with faerie energies to gain deeper insight into your current questions, issues, and personal growth process. Similar to a tarot reading, the card deck is the tool we use to tease answers and guidance from your subconscious and super-conscious mind.  As Faerie is deeply intertwined with the Earth and processes in nature, their messages are grounded and practical, and speak directly to the heart.  

Readings are done with the Faerie's Oracle by Brian Froud & Jessica Macbeth, and The Heart of Faerie by Brian & Wendy Froud. I've always felt a deep connection with these decks, as the cards aren't just symbols or representations, but are living & active energies. 

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The different readings are based on the depth of your question, ranging from a single card to multi-card readings. All readings are written up and sent as a PDF file to your email (along with images of the cards) so you can refer to it whenever you want!  After booking a reading, send me an email with your question, and I'll get started! A good thing to remember is clear & direct questions reveal clear & direct answers. If you need help getting your question focused, I'm happy to talk it over with you before we start. You'll receive the reading within 3-5 days, unless otherwise specified. 



*K.I.S.S.*                     single card reading

Keep-it-simple, sweetie!
The one-card reading is ideal for quick insight and guidance regarding a single question. It's perfect for seeing the overall theme of an issue, finding a focal point, or for those consulting an oracle for the first time. 


*Trine*                        3 card reading

Three card spreads reveal the deeper nature of your question. They reflect how the energy is moving in any given dynamic, whether it be relationships between people, choices, events, etc.  They also point to what is balanced or imbalanced, and how to correct it. This is a versatile spread that can be used in a variety of ways, depending on your question. 


*Faerie Counsel*         multi-card reading

Gather round! In the faerie counsel spread, we draw between 5-9 cards to get a very in-depth look at all the different aspects of your situation & the energies at play. Here we uncover extra details and gain additional practical advice on moving forward or resolving issues.