"WOW!!! Ok....... I am actually so blown away. Pretty much everything you said deeply resonated with me. I feel like I will be spending a lot of time with this reading to digest it and deeply reflect with it. There are so many more things I could write about but thank you SO MUCH. This really clarifies so much for me. I already feel a little re-energized with ways to move forward in a more positive head space."~Anonymous 

"I've had a few tarot readings done by Grace and all of them were phenomenally well detailed and insightful. You can tell the amount of time, love and care she takes with every reading and her harmonious balance of matching the question to the world around it and, dare I say, divinity itself. I've been left taken aback by the accuracy to my question her cards reveal and I find myself lingering on the cards for days meditating on them and their meanings. One can tell that she takes pride in a job well done by the thoroughness found in her work. Thank you so much, Grace!”

~Erik A.

"That was a very magical reading, it's nice to have a sense of validity and encouragement to continue on my journey, with an extra sprinkle of fairy dust!"~ Anonymous

"I have had many readings, of many different varieties, over the years. Nothing has come close to the reading done for me by Grace. It covered so many levels of what was going on in my life, both currently and also things in the past that I hadn't yet worked through. The only word I can think to accurately describe the reading is "deep." In the reading, there was revelation after revelation that she had no idea I was in need of. In fact, some of the things that were relayed to me in the reading led to me finally having peace with an issue that had hurt me for decades.I recommend her readings for anyone that is looking for depth and true substance in response to their questions.  You will not be disappointed." ~ Danielle G.

“I really appreciate you doing this reading for me! Everything was dead on! You are amazing! Thank you so much!"~Brittany B

“Each of the two readings I've received were incredibly thorough and thoughtful. From both readings I was able to gain clarity and insight into aspects of my life I didn't even realize I was struggling with. What I truly love about your readings are how you are able to explain each card and it's meanings in relation to my life in a very knowledgeable and intuitive way - offering more from the cards than meets the eye. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who is looking for a unique reading that may be going through a life change, or is feeling stagnant (creatively, emotionally, whatever it may be!) because it can help open your eyes to things you may have not seen before!" ~Sam R.

“It was very pertinent and spot on! I have continued to refer to the reading, so much has happened already since receiving it. You were really able to access exactly where I was at( from so little), and I was able to utilize it and its value. I bought the book you recommended--it has made a lot of sense. How you were able to tune in is quite something. I have gone from strength to strength since. I no longer have the question I raised up to you, and it even seems so long ago I could have agonized over something like that, but it was real then. Yep, I have grown." ~Alex P.

“I have no words. I seriously read and re-read, over and again, with my jaw dropped open and chills all over. Your gift is undeniable. This was a huge confirmation that I'm on the right track and that me doing this work is definitely best not on ly for me, but for my family and their well being too. You have no idea the peace and insight this has brought. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" ~D.G.